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Portrait of a Young Girl With Her Eyes Closed - Henri Matisse

Artwork: Henri Matisse | Portrait of a Young Girl With Her Eyes Closed

7.75" x 6"
Fine Art Print, lithograph
Price: $1,800
Lithograph printed in sanguine

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American, 1869 - 1954

Matisse spent the summer of 1905 working with Andre Derain in the small Mediterranean seaport of Collioure. They began using bright and dissonant colors. When they and their colleagues exhibited together, they caused a sensation. The critics and the public considered their paintings to be so crude and so roughly crafted that the group became known as Les Fauves (the wild beasts).

By 1907, Matisse moved on from the concerns of Fauvism and turned his attention to studies of the human figure. He had begun to sculpt a few years earlier. In 1910, when he saw an exhibition of Islamic art, he was fascinated with the multiple patterned areas and adapted the decorative universe of the miniatures to his interiors.

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