Miriam L. Smith
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posted: 5/1/2007

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The Art Resource Group Regroups at New Studio
Excerpts from the article by Kris Evans.

Miriam Smith’s passion is art. She buys it, sells it, studies it, researches it, collects it, gives seminars on it, appraises it, bids on it, installs it, lights it, lives it, breathes it.

“Miriam has an uncanny ability to quickly determine where one's tastes lie,” said Lesley. “She was able to show me some interesting pieces and took me to some galleries. My husband and I had a number of possible artworks delivered to our house, and Miriam helped us evaluate how each might fit in various locations. She was invaluable in being able to bring her considerable experience to bear on exactly what particular work was right in juxtaposition with others [to create] the ambiance we wanted.”

Another satisfied client, Dr. Jeanne Spudick, recalled a foggy morning when, on her way to work, she spotted a painting in the window of the Art Resource Group’s Corona del Mar gallery. “I could not stop thinking about that darn painting all weekend,” said Spudick. “That Sunday evening I phoned Miriam, who was kind enough to answer my call. She informed me that the painting was by an artist named Jon Serl, and of course she knew all of the wonderful history about the artist and his paintings, which truly brought the painting to life. She even made arrangements for me to view the painting in my own home early the following week. I now have and treasure that painting, thanks to Miriam. The painting is a gem, as is Miriam, and I look forward to working with her for many years to come.”

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