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image of Inferno Septych by Andy Wing

Inferno Septych, 1954, Painting, acrylic on board, 25" x 78.5" x 6"
image of Nature on a Towel by Andy Wing

Nature on a Towel, circa 1956, Mixed Media, Casein on canvas with handmade frame, 13" x 11"
image of Man Mountain and Others by Andy Wing

Man Mountain and Others, 1957, Painting, casein on board, 22.75" x 29"
image of 16 Compartments by Andy Wing

16 Compartments, circa 1959, Mixed Media, 36" x 23"
image of Dark Voids by Andy Wing

Dark Voids, 1959, Painting, Mixed Media on Wood, 9" x 14"
image of Death Leaving Landscape (Canyon Acre Series) by Andy Wing

Death Leaving Landscape (Canyon Acre Series), 1959, Mixed Media, 10" x 15"
image of Light and Life Fire by Andy Wing

Light and Life Fire, 1961, Painting, acrylic on board, 42.5" x 32.4" x 3.75"
image of Wing in Pieces by Andy Wing

Wing in Pieces, 1962, mike, mixed media, 36" x 59"
image of Scavenging (Scroll Series) by Andy Wing

Scavenging (Scroll Series), 1963, Painting, acrylic on canvas, 108" x 45"
image of Spirit Planes by Andy Wing

Spirit Planes, 1963, Painting, acrylic on board, 47" x 47" x 2"
image of Spring by Andy Wing

Spring, circa 1963, Mixed Media, 36" x 56"
image of Heaven Spent, Earth Repent by Andy Wing

Heaven Spent, Earth Repent, 1964, Mixed Media, 41" x 39"
image of Untitled by Andy Wing

Untitled, 1964, Mixed Media, Acrylic on panel, 48" x 28"
image of Winter on Boards Boxed; Turning up to Spring Fever by Andy Wing

Winter on Boards Boxed; Turning up to Spring Fever, 1964, Mixed Media, Acrylic on wood, 16" x 16"
image of Alter Piece by Andy Wing

Alter Piece, 1965, Mixed Media, Mixed Media on Wood, 31" x 43"
image of Pillar by Andy Wing

Pillar, circa 1965, Mixed Media, Surfboard foam, wood, paint, 49" x 22"
image of Untitled by Andy Wing

Untitled, 1965, Painting, Mixed media on canvas with wood, 51" x 31" x 2.5"
image of GeoDiscography by Andy Wing

GeoDiscography, 1966, Painting, acrylic on canvas, 23" x 45"
image of Passage by Andy Wing

Passage, 1966, 3 Dimensional, acrylic on canvas, 21" x 43" x 5"
image of Cliffhanger by Andy Wing

Cliffhanger, 1967, Painting, acrylic on board, 27" x 28"
image of Earth Speaks by Andy Wing

Earth Speaks, 1971, Painting, acrylic on board, 20" x 17.5"
image of Tondi by Andy Wing

Tondi, 1972, Mixed Media, Mixed media construction, 29" x 54"
image of Love Chips by Andy Wing

Love Chips, 1975, Mixed Media, Mixed Media on Wood, 35" x 30"
image of Jokers by Andy Wing

Jokers, 1979, Painting, Acrylic on wood, 18" x 24"
image of Ark of Ages by Andy Wing

Ark of Ages, 1982, Painting, acrylic on board, 44" x 39" x 2.25"
image of For Easter (Triple A) (Ecology Series) by Andy Wing

For Easter (Triple A) (Ecology Series), 1982, Painting, acrylic on board, 40.75" x 59.75"
image of A Long Road by Andy Wing

A Long Road, 1983, Painting, acrylic on canvas, 23" x 82.5" x 4"
image of Irregularities by Andy Wing

Irregularities, 1985, Painting, oil on canvas, 30" x 60" x 3"
image of The In House Fortune Wheel by Andy Wing

The In House Fortune Wheel, 1985, Painting, mixed media, 36" x 32.5" x 3.25"
image of On the Carpet (Leslie Series) by Andy Wing

On the Carpet (Leslie Series), 1991, Painting, acrylic on board, 65" x 48"